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Our Services

Our Services

What we are doing
Own Farm

Fresh Cow Milk

We produce wholesome, pure and fresh milk and have the privilege to provide it to your doorstep. Milk is delivered directly from our dairy farm within few hours of milking for freshness and quality.

Organic Food


We do not use growth hormone injections or antibiotics on our cows. We also don't use vaccinated cow milk for recommended period of time (2-3 days). Our cows are fed with natural fodder.

Hygienic Milking Conditions


We maintain very high standard to produce clean and quality milk. We also use industrial dish washing machines to wash our containers for better hygiene.

Chilling before bottling

Zero Adulteration

Milk comes from our own dairy farm and is not collected from unknown sources, ensuring 100% purity.

Packaging / Bottling

Bottling & Packaging

Our milk packaging is done in glass bottles. Glass maintain the cold temperature for long time and environmentally safest method of packaging so.

Ready for Delivery

Quick Home Delivery

To ensure best quality and taste, Milk is delivered to your home under a cold chain within 4 hrs of milking.

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