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Where does the milk come from?

What makes this milk so good?

W-Organic milk is pure, natural, raw milk obtained from livestock raised according to best dairy methods. That is, they are fed on a very high quality diet, their milk is obtained without contamination and the cattles are not treated with any hormones. At our farms, we ensure the milk produced retains every aspect of this definition.

How can you be assured of the milk quality?

We provide sample test reports from FSSAI accredited labs on a periodic basis to give you assurance on the milk quality. We also have a well equipped laboratory where we test milk on key adulterants, added water and all impurities on daily basis and upload the results on our purity meter on daily basis. All subscribers are welcome to visit the farm and our bottling center on appointment, to see the processes themselves.

Why is the milk thickness inconsistent unlike the branded packaged milk?

W-Organic milk is Farm fresh raw milk. We do not do any sort of processing on the milk. Branded packaged milk is standardized and homogenized to ensure consistency in the milk but these processes alter the natural state of the milk. Our milk thickness and taste would be impacted by weather, local seasonal fodder fed to the cows and lactation cycle of our cows.

How is the milk packaged?

Milking is done by semi-automatic milking machines. Post-milking, the milk is chilled to 4 degree Celsius, then packed in glass bottles and transported to W-Organic Hubs – from there it is delivered to each subscriber by W-Organic delivery teams. The temperature is maintained as low as possible so that the milk never gets curdled – for this there have been installed high-quality chillers at the farm, the milk is packed in glass bottles so that loss of temperature is slow, and is transported in insulated boxes to maintain the lowest temperature till it reaches the subscribers’ doorstep.

Why do you package the milk in glass bottles?

Is the milk pasteurised?

Why don’t you pasteurise your milk?

What is the shelf life of the milk? Do I need to boil the milk?

Is this A1 milk or A2 milk?

Can I add/change my milk requirement if I’m travelling or have guests over?

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