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About Us

How We Work

Aastha milk has become a household name in Jamshedpur and its suburbs over the last decade. Our phenomenal growth over the years has come to the forefront befitting your coveted interests across the places in and around Jamshedpur, better known as the Steel City of India. We thus enjoy an undisputed leadership in our line of business.

Our milk is synonymous with the pure and the healthiest milk. It's our pleasure to serve millions of households in this part of India. We are poised with ideas and plans for the next level of growth in the coming months with a view to serving you better than ever before.

Own Farm

Own Farm

We have a complete end to end supply system. Having said that, we mean, we produce milk at our own farm and sell it to you. Before that, we hand-pick cattle that are the best fit for the Indian subcontinent. We feed the best quality fodder and water (that is free from heavy metals) to the bovine animals and take a good care of its' health. In the process, you get the healthiest milk from us.

Hygienic Milking

We follow the best practices for the purpose of milking. Having said that, we mean, we have a system of washing the sheds and the cattle regularly that potentially minimises the bacterial growth in the milking area. Besides, we have a complete mechanised milking process and thus, the chances of milk getting contaminated with the human touch do not arise.

Own Farm
Own Farm

Quality Control

We never compromise on the milk quality. We have a strong in-house R&D team that thoroughly checks the final output before packing and delivering to you. You will be happy to know that we often get our milk tested at the FSSAI accredited laboratories. We shall soon have the ISO certification. We are thus committed to delivering the healthiest milk to the people of Jamshedpur and its suburbs.

Milk Delivery

Milk delivery is a complex process. We first cool the milk at 4℃ with our bulk cooling system at the factory that prevents the loss of milk nutrition and also checks the bacterial growth. We have an automated process of bottling the milk in tamper-proof glass containers. Our milk reaches your doorstep within 2 hours. We have a strong supply chain well supported by our partners.

Own Farm
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